What quality do my clothes need to be in?

Clothes, shoes, bags and accessories need to be clean and in good/like new condition and season appropriate.

What Brands do we take?

We take High Street, High End and designer items.

What do we not take?

We do not accept sportwear, underwear or sleepwear. We only accept items of women. wear.

Who decides the price for items?

We price everything based on what we have sold similar items for and what they are selling for online at the time to make sure our prices are fair.

Why should I shop with you?

We carry unique items of clothing and accessories and shopping with us, you are helping to prevent fast fashion and get items that you like for a fraction of the price.

Can I reserve items without purchasing?

Yes you can, just call us or send a message and we will happy to set items aside for a couple of days in order that you can try them.

What percentage do we take?

We work on a 50/50 basis.

We will negotiate a commission rate for Luxury designer items.

How long do we keep items for & when to collect unsold items?

We keep items for 6-8 weeks and we will contact you if collection is needed. If they are then not collected within one month, we will donate to charity.